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Veera Mahajan is the Author of the book UNREPORTED. She is a peacemaker and a mediator.

Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu's most valued community leaders. Author of the critically acclaimed book "Unreported," about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse, Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher.

With a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the prestigious Pepperdine School of Law; Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Veera Mahajan leads a multi-faceted team of private clients; educating them on the causes and solutions of crisis and conflicts.

In the institutional, educational world, Veera successfully leads a position as Communications Coordinator; bridging understanding, and wisely teaching peacemaking for both the student body and parents, as well as faculty. Through Veera's guidance and expertise, students and peers learn to listen and respect each other, resolving conflicts with calmness and logic, rather than anger or violence.

A licensed Mediator; Veera's motivation to help others lends itself to her work with attorney's in resolving conflicts in the areas of business, insurance, and family among more. Her proven successes help save time, money, and most importantly--relationships.

Veera is also working on producing her first feature film, UNREPORTED; based on her book of the same title. A cultural elevator; Veera founded and published the widely read magazine "Malibu Chronicle, All Good News,” for over half a decade, lending her voice and mentorship to the community.

With background in Computer Science, Veera earlier managed an international, multi-million-dollar software company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  The highly educated business leader is also an international beauty. She represented India during the Mrs. Asia, USA Cultural Pageant, and occasionally still graces the pages of magazines. 

Born in Punjab, India, Veera Mahajan came to United States in 1982 with her parents and three brothers. Proud of her background; to Veera, being an Indian woman means “To be a person of top integrity and good principles."  She states that "Indians believe in gaining higher education, working hard to achieve one's goals, and are known for being wonderful, and entertaining hosts,"                     

A mother of two sons; Kunal and Rahul, Veera enjoys reading, writing, running, hiking, dancing, and doing yoga in her spare time. As a philanthropist, the entrepreneur has run marathons, and even climbed a tower of stairs in order to raise funds for research and support of cancer and lung associations.

Yet Veera's most notable achievement in helping others, are her landmark accomplishments in becoming aware of and fighting to stop being a victim of domestic violence. As a vocal survivor of spousal abuse in her own right, Veera found the help and strength to finally recognize and leave her former situation. No longer a victim, Veera Mahajan is now a victor.  Making it her life mission to help others escape domestic abuse that she too suffered, Veera's crowning achievements have been real-life coaching, mediation, and training others in the field; in the homes, schools, colleges, and churches of her community.

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Domestic abuse usually goes unreported. Abuse needs to be Reported even if it is to a friend.

Say a strong NO and continue saying No till Abuse is STOPPED.

Please, if you witness abuse do not walk away and let it go unreported. That is what encourages the abuser to continue hurting their victims. 

Someone needs to know.  Having a witness is going to help you prove that someone hurt you. In the end it will be your word against their`s. Make Your word/case stronger by telling someone your story of what happened. 

Keep a log. 

UNREPORTED is a little book with so much information that you won’t find anywhere else. Read it to believe it!

You Deserve to be Happy 100% of the time, don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise

According to Trish Steele, founder of Safe Passage Heals, UNREPORTED is the best book with the most complete and best information on awareness of abuse and how to recognise the signs of this disease.  The book also provides you with clear and simple yet complete information on what you need to know and do to get out of an abusive situation if you so choose. 

Say NO to Abuse and LIVE! 

Find out more: send email To veeraisit@gmail.com

Get your own copy! Contact us for a copy or order from Amazon

Unreported is the best book on the subject of DV

Unreported is a book for domestic abuse awareness. You will get a lot of information that the lawyers and therapists don’t give you. I Promise this book will not leave you hanging. 

Unreported Is a collage of real stories courtesy of wonderful women and men who shared with us their journeys from abuse to freedom and empowerment. This book was written to bring you hope, and to encourage you to live the life of your dreams.  

I am one of the stories in the book. 

If I can do it so can you! 


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